About us


SwedPaper was formed early year 2013 for the acquisition of the Korsnäs PM2. Despite this short existence we have decades of tradition and experience in paper making in our organization. We are fully dedicated and specialists in bleached white Sack and Kraft Paper for the packaging industry.


Technical capacity: 70,000 ton/year
Trim width: 5.2 m
Basis weight range: 60-200 g/m2
Products: Bleached Sack and MF Kraft Paper

Integrated supplies from the Korsnäs Mill complex: pulp NBSK and BHKP, steam, water as well as effluent treatment services.

The paper machine’s concept includes several tools for producing unique and customized paper properties.

In the stock preparation area there are different ways of beating and treating the fibres before the pulp is pumped to the paper machine. Wet creping can be applied to achieve a paper with a rough surface for friction properties, high porosity and formability. The Clupak unit can be used to increase the stretch in the machine direction of the paper. Finally a glazing cylinder is available to increase the smoothness of the surface to improve the printability.


PM2 has a history tracing back to 1953 when it was installed by Korsnäs AB. Over the years several investments have been made. Since year 2000 more than 65 MSEK was invested including the major ones, a new headbox and short circulation in 2006 and an extension of the drive control system in 2012.

When Billerud AB and Korsnäs AB merged in late 2012 a condition to receive regulatory approval from the European Union was to divest the operation and business of PM2.

As a result of this condition a carving out process began and as from 1 August 2013 PM2 was formally taken over by SwedPaper AB.


The board of SwedPaper AB consists of four private investors also being the owners of the company:

Mikael Colebring


Entrepreneur and investor in Nordic SMEs.

Peter Ekman


As a family member part owner of Ekman & Co, former co-owner of Domsjö Mill, venture capital investor.

Lars-Åke Brännström


Background from the paper industry and with broad experience as MD/CEO, also from change management and interim managment duties from own consultant business.

Lars-E Boreström


Industrialist and businessman with a long career as MD/CEO and also several board assignments as chair as well as member.